Safest executive: Lexus GS


Lexus GS450h

With 12 airbags and a raft of cutting edge technology Lexus' 5-series rival show's other executive saloon the way.

A Lexus is designed to be at the very pinnacle of automotive technology. If a passive or active safety system exists you can be sure the Lexus GS has it.

Just some of the safety hardware includes a new Pre-Crash Safety (PCS) system that automatically
prepares front seatbelt and emergency braking to help reduce collision
damage and injury.

Featuring up to 12 airbags, the GS stunned NCAP’s testing team by acheiving maximum points in the side impact test, thanks to seat-mounted thorax airbags and curtain airbags to protect rear passengers.

Top performers for child occupant and pedestrian protection in the executive sector are the BMW 5-series and Citroen C6.