Safest family car: Renault Laguna


Renault Laguna

The last-generation Laguna made history when it scored five-stars, and the latest model follows in its footsteps.

The previous generation Laguna was the first passenger car to achieve a five-star NCAP rating. And the latest Laguna III is continuing the tradition for outstanding adult occupant protection.

Fitted with either six or eight airbags, the Laguna has some neat tricks to keep its nose ahead of the competition. When deployed, the form and volume of the airbags is varied according to the size and seating position of the occupants.

An innovative ‘pre-fill’ system on the brakes senses when the driver lifts off the accelerator sharply and creates a build-up in hydraulic pressure, readying the car for an emergency stop.

Other family cars that scored highly NCAP’s rigorous tests were the Ford Mondeo, Audi A4 and Skoda Superb.