New Biologic iPhone and iPad cases


Biologic iPhone bike mount

Biologic has added a new bike mount designed for the iPhone 5.

If your travelling combines four wheels with two, you might be struggling to use your smartphone on the move.

But Biologic can help, as it’s just launched its new bike mount, specifically designed for the iPhone 5, so you can use sat-nav apps while you ride. The mount is a rugged plastic case, too, so it’ll keep your phone safe from knocks and scratches.

There’s a thin membrane covering the display, which gives you full access to the phone’s functions, even if it’s raining. Once secured, the mount can be rotated horizontally or vertically, and it fits handlebars or stems with a maximum diameter of 38mm, and weighs just 102g. To fit it, you just attach the bracket using the supplied hex key.

To help protect your iPad from dirt, grime and food (and kids), Biologic has also introduced an outdoor waterproof case, which you can use with all versions of the Apple tablet. As with the iPhone mount, the Soft Shield features thin-film membrane windows that allow you to use the touchscreen, camera and buttons while your device is tucked inside the cover.

The cover itself is made from a non-slip nylon that makes your iPad easy to grip. You don’t have to miss out on the audio, either –  there’s a 3.5mm audio adaptor to plug your earphones into.

The new products are on sale now, alongside mounts for older iPhones and other smartphones.

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