Control your car with a wink


Control your car with a wink

You’ll soon be able to control all your car’s gadgets with facial expressions and gestures

New technology means that you will soon be able to switch on your car radio with a wink and turn up the air-con with a hand gesture.

Engineers at in-car entertainment firm Harman have developed a system that can translate a series of facial expression and gestures into commands for vehicle gadgets like the radio, heating, hands-free and sat-nav.

Infra-red sensors are installed behind the dashboard and monitor the driver’s face and hands. A wink will turn the radio on or off. A nod to the left will turn up the volume, while one to the right will turn it down, and a tap on the steering wheel will skip to the next station.

Making a phone gesture by holding a hand to the ear with thumb and little finger extended will answer a call. And the driver will be able to control the air-con by raising or lowering their hand over the gear stick.

Engineers at Harman say it will make motorists safer by allowing them to control their car’s technology without taking their eyes off the wheel. What do you make of it? Tell us in the comments below.