Some Crazy Person Drifted a Toyota 86 for Nearly 6 Hours Straight


Someone has drifted for nearly six hours straight and they are just waiting for Guinness to certify the new record.

South African automotive journalist Jesse Adams appears to have broken the Guinness World Record for longest drift, which was set in 2014 when Harald Muller drifted another Toyota GT86 continuously for 89.55 miles (144 kilometers) in Samsun, Turkey. That record attempt was done in two hours, 25 minutes and 18 seconds, which is already no small feat. But Adams took things to a new level, drifting his Toyota GT86 for 102.5 miles (165 km) over the course of five hours and 46 minutes.

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Guinness hasn’t certified the record-breaking attempt as a new world record yet, but results of the run were obtained and verified through analysis of two independent GPS-based VBOX data loggers. The digital data is accompanied by an analog record of all laps, compiled by timekeepers and official witnesses, so there’s little reason to believe this won’t be a new world record.

The record attempt was done at the semi-wet skid pad at Gerotek Testing Facility, west of Pretoria, South Africa on June 12, 2017. Toyota South Africa supported the effort, with the Japanese automaker saying “the premise of the record is that the driven wheels are not allowed to stop spinning at any time during the run,” and “a change of direction is permitted, as long as the driven wheels stay in motion.”

[Source: 4WheelsNews]

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