Hankook Winter iCept RS


Winter tyres test online review 2013 Hankook


Special in slushy conditions, but fuel economy needs looking at.

If the Dunlop was happiest in the wet, the Hankook preferred the snow, where it edged the 4D and Michelin Alpin. A stunning slushplaning result put it in front. Remarkably, it beat the Nokian at this test, which requires snow grip, plus the water-dispersing tread needed on a wet road. Consistent top results elsewhere on snow helped it maintain the edge. It was a little off the pace on the handling track, as the front end lacked grip, forcing the car wide. This also held it back in wet handling, but it was further behind the best here. With the car turned in, the rear was prone to movement. The iCept struggled for wet braking, too, taking an average of two metres longer to stop than the winning Dunlop. It was a similar story in the dry – it needed over three metres more than the best. It came alive on the dry handling track, with good feel and a sharpness most rivals lacked as it took a joint victory here. Just a shame the Hankook was our thirstiest winter tyre – albeit not far behind the rest.

Test Results
Snow braking 96.00% =4th
Snow traction 96.80% 5th
Snow circle 98.80% 4th
Slushplaning 100.00% 1st
Snow handling 99.50% =4th
Straight aquaplaning 100.00% 1st
Curved aquaplaning 100% 1st
Wet braking 96.70% 7th
Wet handling 96.80% 7th
Dry braking 93% 6th
Cabin noise 98.50% =7th
Dry handling 100% =1st
Rolling resistance 87.00% 8th
Price £90 2nd
Overall 98.70%