Michelin Alpin A4


Winter tyres online review 2013 Michelin


A good all-round winter tyre with decent results on all surfaces.

A repeat of 2012’s result for the competent Alpin A4. This time it was closer to the winner – proving how tight it is at the top for winter tyres. This tyre performed better than the Dunlop and Hankook in the dry tests, plus for rolling resistance and cabin noise. All three tyres trailed our winner on fuel economy – further evidence that Michelin has shifted its focus from rolling resistance, where it usually excels, to wet grip. The Alpin A4 took a joint victory for dry handling and second for dry braking. It was good on the handling track – it felt as lively as the Hankook, with positive turn-in and good grip when power was applied. Wet results were patchy: second for straight aquaplaning but seventh on the curve. It was just off the pace for handling, but felt well balanced and progressive, and proved stable on the throttle. This continued on the snow, where the front would safely push wide if you carried too much speed into turns – good enough for second here.

Test Results
Snow braking 95.50% 6th
Snow traction 96.20% =6th
Snow circle 97.80% 7th
Slushplaning 99% =2nd
Snow handling 99.90% 2nd
Straight aquaplaning 99.10% 2nd
Curved aquaplaning 94.90% 7th
Wet braking 99.50% 4th
Wet handling 98.30% 6th
Dry braking 97% 2nd
Cabin noise 99.10% =3rd
Dry handling 100% =1st
Rolling resistance 87.10% 7th
Price £128 7th
Overall 98.70%