Lexus RX 450h – best hybrid SUVs


Lexus RX - front

It's a hybrid pioneer, and the RX is still an alternative choice for SUV buyers

Like the Outlander, the Lexus RX was a hybrid pioneer, only this time it marked the arrival of petrol-electric drive in the luxury SUV class in 2005. The current model is the Mk4, and it’s the most effective version yet.

The RX has moved further upmarket with each generation, and while prices are expensive considering the size of the RX, you do get a lot of kit in this 5-seat SUV. The current RX 450h shares its hybrid running gear with the GS 450h saloon, so there’s a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine and electric motor that delivers sprightly performance, but also low running costs.

Lexus claims economy of around 51mpg for the RX 450h, and you’re more likely to get close to this mark than the figures recorded by its plug-in rivals, because the electronics manage the energy flow without you having to resort to plugging the RX in to charge the battery.

On the road, the smooth V6 and electric drive make for a refined performance on the road, if not a sporty one, while the long list of kit on board will keep all occupants entertained.

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