Zeta Antarctica


Winter tyres online test 2013 Zeta


Still too much of a compromise for UK winters, but Chinese brands are improving.

There’s no doubt budget tyres from the Far East are improving and getting closer to the performance of premium brands. In our snow tests, the Chinese Zeta was within five per cent of the best. At around half the price of rivals here, it looks tempting, as it was a long way in front of the summer tyre. If we expected snow-covered roads throughout winter it would be an option, but its wet-road performance would be a big compromise in the UK. On the wet handling track, we didn’t need a stopwatch to tell us the Antarctica lacked grip. With the power on, it easily pushed wide, and off the throttle the rear was keen to slide. It lacked the bite of rivals here and although the grip loss was progressive, it was substantial. More worrying is the Zeta’s stopping ability. It needed an average of more than eight metres more than the winner to stop – close to two car lengths. It fared better in the dry, but lacked the sharpness of rivals and required more steering lock on the handling track. As in the wet test, you needed to wait before getting back on the throttle. Rolling resistance was strong, though.

Test Results
Snow braking 95.20% 7th
Snow traction 96% =6th
Snow circle 95.60% 8th
Slushplaning 95.10% 7th
Snow handling 95.80% 8th
Straight aquaplaning 92.00% 8th
Curved aquaplaning 91.00% 8th
Wet braking 85.80% 8th
Wet handling 90% 8th
Dry braking 92.60% 7th
Cabin noise 99.10% =3rd
Dry handling 98% 8th
Rolling resistance 99.80% 2nd
Price £55 1st
Overall 95.10%