Things Aren’t Looking Too Good for Mercedes-Benz’s Diesel Cars


Mercedes-Benz is planning to update three-million diesel cars in Europe following accusations that they do not adhere to emissions regulations. 

The company is currently under investigation for possibly deceptive diesel emissions, with an earlier report saying the automaker has sold over one-million cheating diesel vehicles. Although it’s not an admission of guilt, Daimler says it will update the software on three-million Mercedes cars in Europe in a move “to effectively improve the emissions of additional model series.” The software update will take about an hour to do and causes emissions controls to operate under a broader set of conditions. From the factory, those vehicles’ pollution equipment was programmed to kick in at maximum effectiveness under a narrow range of temperatures, reports The New York Times.

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The move is preemptive, as the company is still under investigation and nothing has been concluded. But it’s likely being done to avoid the same penalties Volkswagen has had to pay with its massive diesel scandal.

The update won’t be heading to the U.S. right away, as Daimler is still in talks with the U.S. Department of Justice, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Air Resources Board, which are all investigating Daimler’s diesel vehicles.

[Source: The New York Times]

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