Tesla Sets the Model Y Launch Date in Stone, Crossover Coming in 2020


During Tesla’s earnings conference call, the one that didn’t go so well, CEO Elon Musk spent some time explaining the company’s strategy to bring Model Y into production. He even went so far to set a date for the electric CUV, saying it would introduce a “a manufacturing revolution” within the next two years.

Wait, wasn’t the buzz that the modestly sized Model Y would be entering in production in 2019? According to Musk, it was not. But we know suppliers were accepting preliminary bids for contracts with the automaker already and it was reported that Tesla had said a November 2019 production date was “possible.” Pushing it ahead a few months, isn’t a big issue, especially since it hadn’t made an official announcement. But Musk said that was never the deal, saying that Tesla intends to commence assembly on the crossover in 2020. 

He also corrected the assumption suppliers had made that the Model Y will be built at it’s Fremont factory, in California. Instead, the company said it would be announcing a brand-new factory location before the end of this year.

The vehicle should be among the first to abandon the 12-volt architecture for in-car electronics, which is intended to reduce the amount of wiring required, and may come on a totally new platform. That last bit came as a huge surprise last year because practically everyone thought the Model Y would just be a lifted version of the Model 3.

Of course, we were surprised again when Musk later said Tesla would probably go back to using the Model 3 platform to get the crossover to market more quickly. However, since it’ll be built at a new factory, we don’t know what to expect anymore.

To be honest, Tesla’s pretty … fluid when it comes to deadlines and promises. It’s a brand that really likes to keep us guessing and suddenly come forward with something huge. We’ve no reason to doubt that the company won’t build the Model Y in 2020. But if Musk says assembly will start in April, we won’t be shocked if the actual date is closer to August.

[Image: Tesla Motors]