QOTD: Can You Build an Ideal Crapwagon Garage? (Part I: The Hatchbacks)


Today is the start of a series of related Question of the Day posts. Each Wednesday QOTD for the next few weeks will be dedicated to selecting vehicles for a different section of an ideal Special Crapwagon Garage you’ll be compiling.

Up for Part I in the series are hatchback and liftback vehicles. Start your brains.

The reason we’re focusing on building a crapwagon garage is simple: It’s what we always end up talking about in the comments. An article on a new truck gets us chatting old trucks. And a new Golf has us chatting about the quality item which was the MkIV Golf. Right now I hear you asking, “But Corey, what makes for a crapwagon? What does that mean?”

Glad you asked; there are rules.

  1. A crapwagon must be a vehicle which is relatively easy to find and purchase using an internet.
  2. All vehicles in the crapwagon garage must have been sold as new, in the North American market.
  3. Said vehicles must be obtainable to the casual crapwagon collector (CCC). This means in clean, running condition each one asks $7,000 or less on a normal day.
  4. Your suggestions must fit into the vehicle category of the week. If you don’t like the category, that’s tough. We’ll get to a category you like eventually.
  5. There are five rules to this garage game, and that’s the maximum number of vehicles you may submit for each section. Cinco.

This week we start with hatchback and liftback vehicles. Whether they be hot or lukewarm (like mine would be) they need to have a hatchback or liftback on their rear end, and must not be an SUV or wagon. I’ve got a couple in mind for my personal garage which would be well within our $7,000 budget (three others are undecided).

Sterling 827 SLi

The Sterling 827 liftback version, in high-zoot SLi trim makes my Crapwagon Garage. I’ve always liked the looks, and how it’s sort of an Acura Legend and sort of ruined, plus wood trim.

Mazda 626 5-door

Mazda’s 626 5-door always worked for me as well, particularly in fancy GT trim with these polished alloys. I was always fond of the smooth, continuous window line and general aero shape. And the utility here surpasses a normal sedan easily.

Give us your Special Crapwagon Garage hatchback and liftback selections!

[Images: General Motors, Sterling, Mazda]