Is Dodge Bringing Back the Viper in 2020?



We thought we’d be mourning the Viper for years before Dodge readied its return. Fortunately, that might not be the case. Fiat Chrysler has apparently green-lit the model’s return for 2020. But, with production ending in 2017 and FCA’s subsequent closure of Conner Avenue Assembly, it’s still a little difficult to believe any of this is real.

And yet, here we are. 

Typically, we’d expect details on something this huge to be razor thin and parsed out over an extended period of time. However, Car and Driver has already reported that the new Viper will use a space frame with fully independent suspension and retain the long-nosed structure we’ve become accustomed to. But it will not be equipped with a V10.

Instead, the rumor mill has the model working with a naturally aspirated V8 slotted behind the front axle. The prospective downgrade in power is expected to be offset by a plethora of aluminum and carbon fiber. However, the publication expects later examples of the new Viper to see ludicrous amounts of horsepower.

Initial offerings are said to be convertible-only with a high-powered SRT variant and hard-top coupes coming a year or two later. Anything else is pure speculation. In fact, Dodge hasn’t even confirmed any of the above, though Car and Driver sounds pretty sure. We hope they’re right because, while we really like the Corvette, we don’t want it getting too comfortable.

[Image: FCA]