Fiat 500X Exposes Some Chest Hair With ‘Adventure Edition’


Calling the Fiat 500X rugged is like calling Star Wars actor Adam Driver sexy. While both have happened, neither of those ideas were conveyed via particularly reputable outlets. Likewise, the general public probably doesn’t agree with those statements — and the few that do are assuredly women.

Unlike the Star Wars franchise, Fiat owes the majority of its modern-day “success” to the fairer sex — a phrase I’m absolutely positive no one uses anymore. Still, both are trying to broaden their appeal by tweaking their product. Let’s stick to discussing automobiles.

While the breakdown fluctuates from year to year, roughly 60 percent of all Fiat drivers are women. But the brand does market to men, sometimes in ways we can’t quite comprehend. It also builds vehicles that seem specifically targeted at gentlemen, like the 500 Abarth and new 500X Adventure Edition. 

Even though Fiat Chrysler Automobiles didn’t come right out and say it in the press release, it did use words like “rugged” and “adventurous when describing the Adventure Edition’s styling. If that isn’t a dog whistle for male consumers, we don’t know what is.

We’re positive most dudes shopping for something in this category will stick with Jeep’s Renegade, but the 500X might get the odd duck who’s interested in rounder styling. It may also help reel in women who are really into camping and added visual flair.

The Adventure Edition, based on the Trekking trim, tacks on 18-inch aluminum wheels, black roof rails, orange mirror caps and unique graphics on the body-side, cross bows, and front and rear splash guards. Interior additions include a molded rear cargo tray and front and rear slush mats.

While the wheels, splashguards, and slush mats can all purchased separately, bundling them together on the Special Edition actually ends up being the cheaper option. Plus, you get all of those hip graphics for free. Available in Bianco Gelato (White Clear Coat), Nero Cinema (Black Clear Coat), Grigio Graphite (Graphite Grey) and Grigio Argentino (Grey Metallic), the Fiat 500X Adventure Edition is already on sale.

[Image: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]