Late Night Car Meet Ends In Dodge Charger Flambé


A Dodge Charger burst into flames after an impromptu drift exhibition for a crowd of people in a California parking lot on Monday morning. The local news, of course, framed the situation as an escalating threat to the community backed by hoards of street racers who just love illegal shenanigans — a half truth.

According to KTLA, the incident occurred shortly after midnight near the Walmart located in the Anaheim Plaza. Jaime Guzman, who works security for the area, said he was making his rounds when he saw a crowd gathered in the parking lot to watch vehicles perform a ludicrous amount of donuts. This claim was backed up by video footage 

Guzman claimed only three or four cars were showing off, one of which he said struck a tree. The other casualty was the aforementioned Dodge Charger. After finishing its run, smoke started billowing from beneath the hood until the front end was engulfed in flames.

Anaheim Fire Department firefighters responded to the scene and managed to put out the fire, but the police were unable to catch the driver. In fact, Officer Heinzel of the Anaheim Police Department said no arrests have been made in relation to the incident.

While this definitely wasn’t the safest idea in the world, we’re glad to see these Ken Block wannabes kept their automotive hijinks off public roads. If you’re going to accidentally hit someone, it might as well be somebody that chose to be there.

[Image: KTLA]