Ahoy! Lincoln’s Next MKC Might Debut As the ‘Corsair’


2019 Lincoln MKC, Image: Ford Motor Company

Alphanumeric naming strategies don’t seem to work particularly well on American cars. There are exceptions, Chrysler’s 300 and the Ford F-Series come to mind, but usually you get a name and then a string of numbers and letters tacked on to denote badassery or size when applicable. While this is just a personal theory, it really seemed like America’s luxury brands were just trying to copy the Germans when they collectively made the swap and everyone noticed.

While alphanumeric monikers help automakers avoid certain issues in countries where a word may hold a different meaning, they aren’t particularly imaginative. It also distances new models from established names that help to move units on brand recognition alone. That isn’t to suggest those names are inherently better, but going against tradition can definitely work against you.

Lincoln knows that better than most, and has decided to give the MKC a real name for its 2020 redesign. 

According to Automotive News, dealers were shown the Corsair, along with the next-generation Ford Escape, Explorer, Mach 1 battery-electric crossover, a small off-roader, and a Lincoln Continental with suicide doors late last month at a meeting in Orlando.

While the attendees noted that Ford said it may not use the Corsair name on the new MKC, the company has already patented it. The Lincoln brand is keen to ditch its old MK naming scheme, which just about everyone hated. Being linked to privateers and sailing, the Corsair could be a good fit alongside the Aviator, Navigator, and Nautilus, too. It definitely sounds better than simply calling the model “the pirate” or using a less imposing ship name like yawl or skiff. Brigantine might work in a pinch, though.

Assuming it adopts the name, the Lincoln Corsair is expected to drop anchor in dealer lots in 2020 as a 2021 model.

[Image: Ford Motor Co.]