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Beefy girl at the Green Bay

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Beefy girl at the Green Bay

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Paul 1. Chip pulls out an impressive array of brats, brats and brats, as well as some vegetables that look far too healthy. Then he starts cutting up red peppers and potatoes while we look on in disbelief. It's like he turned into Rachael Ray. What a host!

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What do strippers look like in the heart of Wisconsin? Earlier in the game, somebody returned in our aisle with something called "cheese curds. Now we're studying the logistics of the Lambeau Leap, which seems treacherous because the field dips after the end zone and again at the wall.

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Duckett is stretching his inch calf muscles just 5 feet away from him. Honestly, it was like running into an ex-wife -- tje at first, some bad blood, but strangely good to see them because of the history.

But it's a doozy. Watching hordes of beefy young men insanely pound the testosterone out of each other on the arena floor some to the point of physical collapse was a disturbing sight, like a battle scene out Grefn "Braveheart" re-imagined by Roger Waters.

Sorry about that

I was always that guy, ever since college. Jessup admits to the Code Red.

I have about eight pounds of undigested food in my stomach. Wait, don't put that in the column.

He's serious. They should come with tomato sauce though.

Why isn't he looking at the camera? six is the biggie.

Etch it in stone. So what happened?

Mr. food: beefy garlic pizza

The cause of the Beefy girl at the Green Bay, of course, was Korn, near the peak of their popularity and seven months shy of their second Grammy Award in four years. Other than that, the game wasn't notable except for Chip spilling an entire can of Skoal on Beevy bummed-out guy sitting next to him, then urging me not to include this in my column -- yeah, right -- as well as a surreal moment in the bottom of the eighth.

Wouldn't you know, it landed one row in front of us, four seats to my right, and the guy in that seat tried to catch it with his hat. I love tailgates. One of us even forced out some gas, just to say he farted on Lammmmmm-bowwwwwwww Field. Of course, Prince couldn't hit him, either: Two Ks and a weak groundout.

Korn in green bay: remembering the backlash after a steven hyden review

He's older and wiser and has learned to be more empathetic. Just like old times! Everything is displayed in the least ostentatious way possible. Can you tell I'm rattled? page 2 : time for beer, brats and favre

It's like the drinking version of "Brokeback Mountain. We decide that he locked himself in a stall, and now he's sitting on a toilet and weeping into his hands about everything that happened. In his defense, Duckett doesn't look human. That's right, my lifelong foul ball drought continues.

By the way, remember how I described the phrase "press box hot," how there are so few females that cover sports that the ones who do become disproportionately hot to everyone else sitting in the press box? A week after the review was published, Hyden wrote a column to share with the public the vitriol that came his way courtesy of the True breasts lover faithful.

Were my taste buds burned off by the hot brats? You're a expletive and everyone you like are expletivesand you like to wear make-up when you listen to your expletive music. I won't spoil tue for you.

The not-so-frozen tundra sharing space with my driver's and my kid's picture. I've never been that close. Sadly, they didn't know "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. Wrapping around the stadium is the Packers Ring of Honor, which has about more names.