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Forced to be a baby stories

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Forced to be a baby stories

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February 1, Day 3: I woke up early so I went to the kitchen to get some food, mommy was already awake and had everything ready. I looked toward the table fkrced noticed the adult size high chair set up. After I was done eating mommy left me in my highchair as she washed the dishes. At least she gave me storirs toy car to play with. After that she brought me to the room and put me on the changing table, I felt so small.

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I was forced to be a baby | novni

What Sex encounters Toluca these? I just stared at the floor until she spoke again. The two college girls laughed relentlessly, mocking the hopelessly feminine little baby they had created as Gabe tried to get the pajamas off with his free hands.

Every part of him sparkled. We have one more surprise, don't we?

I was forced to be a baby

From within, she drew a baby blue stuffed bear. Each time it happened, he tried haby to hold on the dream, hoping just once he wouldn't wake up She glared at me in anger and told me I could hold it, I told her I couldn't and we fought until she pulled over to another gas station in frustration.

stlries I didn't know where my luggage was but I assumed my parents took them into the car already. My bottle was placed back in my mouth and we sat at a table where everyone could see us. We walked inside the restaurant and up to the front place where you order.

Baby sat (story by feminization-stories)

I begged her to get me a burger but she only got one and ate it in front of me. Ryan is a boy name, and you're clearly and girl, so I will call you baby Riley!

First his feet were encased in the sparkly pink monster, and before he knew it his entire body was encased snugly. What was strange was the odd closeness the girls had with him. Finally my sister came back to the hotel but with a lot of bags in her arms. After I was done eating mommy left me in my highchair as she washed the dishes.

D reached to bagy his diaper again. I rather like slow regression stories where someone is slowly regressed with or without them knowing. I looked toward the table and noticed the adult size high chair set up. 2 of D still standing by his side - hovering over him. And I will be right back I promise.

Only after six oversized fetish diapers was Gabe's torture bxby. When the car ride was over, she room me inside and wiped away the poop from my bum and but me in the Ariel diaper. Only, this time - to his surprise - it didn't happen. He yelped in pain and fell to the ground. The dream slipped away just as she approached, but something different happened this time.

I began to squirm but she locked it before I could get out. I did and what I saw shocked me.

She scolded me once more and put me in the same dirty diaper. Mom and dad are staying one more night in Florida, and I can't watch you. The straps were pulled tight around his head securing the large pacifier in his mouth.

I think it will be fun. We pulled over and she changed me in the ladies restroom, with several girls looking over in confusion.

Forced regression stories? - story and art forum - [dd] boards & chat

Lily had him crawl to various locations in Nude locals in holdenville house, watching his huge diaper butt sway from side to side as the embarrassed boy slowly crawled across the floor, completely at the mercy of two mean-sprited nine-year-olds. I was so embarrassed I just looked at the floor, wondering what they were going to think. But baby Riley has to go to the bathroom. It could be through hypnosis, drugs or blackmail are my favourite areas.


But the excitement he felt as she reached toward his diaper always woke him up. Read now.

The boy was silent through all of this, wanting to find an answer to why this incredible thing was happening. For the first time in tk I cried a little bit before slipping into a diaper and put the shirt on.

She froze as it hit her on the back of the head. He was shocked and mortified by the thickness and girth the diapers possessed. Tears flowed out of my eyes as I sat in a car seat with multiple cars passing by us and pointing. Is that clear baby Riley?

Story on forced-regression - deviantart

So guess he is baby sitting you!!!??? Amber and Felicity combed the wig into a high and fluffy ponytail and secured it with a big pink bow. We storiex these oversized fetish diapers from an old sorority initiation gag, but I think they'd be put to better Free chat sex here. Being shoulder to shoulder between two hot college girls has many effects on the adolescent mind, as Gabe soon discovered.

With 3 hours to go, I had peed myself in my sleep. Brought down a few pegs.