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Thads san diego review

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Thads san diego review

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Just another ordinary suburban home? Nope, this is Th! The club has lots of private rooms, a couples-only area and group rooms, along with a dance floor, two dance poles, pool tables, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. As they tactfully put it on their website: We get many new couples and single ladies in dievo club looking to have their first swinging experience.

Age: 37
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: I Am Seeking Swinger Couples
City: Taneytown, Rockfall
Relation Type: American West Pussy Story

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Thad's - temporarily closed

And a few times single guy snuck into the couples only room area to be expected Love the dance floor w pole, pool the jacuzzi. Clean place, staff and security is almost always present.

Eh, no. Nope, this is Th!

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Pool table, "bar", dance floor with a pole, a kitchen with fried chicken and veggie platter. It needed an upgrade 20 years ago.

I think there should be a limit to how many singles can get in each night. Maybe they coulda got 5 stars if I myself had been braver and it was found to be nice.

Review Source: Report 0 Mmmm I reviee this place. So much to look at There's no thada to have sex if you don't want to, I have been coming her for about a year now and haven't obliged much more than interesting conversation : The Thad's house is pretty interesting. Staff wasn't too friendly and this time, there wasn't anyone keeping an eye on the parking lot and I had to walk back to my car Joshua TX housewives personals in that creepy part of town at that late hour.

Another unexpectedly good place to find out more about Th? You can have sex anywhere but the kitchen i guess and they have first come first serve free food there. Do not walk around barefoot.

Thads swingers club: sexy san diego – buttontapper press

And you don't have to worry about him outstaying his welcome in your bed! Bonuses are the jacuzzi, pool and stripper pole.

Just another ordinary suburban home? Also some people come here to chill and not engage in intimacy. The other thing to note, although woman on woman action is okay, there is virtually no man on man action.

Review Source: Report 0 It was a lot of fun spent 5 hours there on a saturday night and only saw actual sex 6 times. Men, if you are uncomfortable walking around strange people butt-naked this is the place for you.

Con: A lot of single men who are a little wild and anxious which definitely kills the mood. I didn't like the coed locker area and the bathrooms were inadequate for the amound of people there, especially after they're drinking. The management and the workers here are VERY strict about the rules as they should be.

The rest of the house is yours to explore The people are great. A large of the men seems afraid to play, just following couples around and watching. Most people are very friendly!

Be a gentleman. For my part, and this is a first for me, I skipped getting in the jacuzzi. All the D a girl sa want.

Review Source: Report 0 I like that all you have to do is call for a reservation, then the rules sheet and you're all set. It will do you well to be upfront about what you want or don't want.

The men have to be nude and the women reviea change. It is also a BYOB so bring something to give you a buzz not to get drunk, you'll miss everything if you do.

Introduce yourself and just be you. The -1 star is for the guys that don't understand the rules. My mama always told me my ADD would get me in trouble I like that the rooms upstairs are adequately lit and have locking doors, because some men walk around like dazed zombies and just barge in without knocking so be sure to lock it if you want privacy. Dego was expecting it to be thads san diego review but was super fun I will definitely try and go as much as I can.